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Bestiary: The Monster Breeding Collection (Erotica Bundle)

51 pages37 minutes


Get three of the hottest monster sex stories for one fantastic bargain!

This collection is for mature readers and contains graphic sex and impregnation between monsters/aliens/genetic freaks and their reluctant human partners.

Bred by the Tuskmen!
Young Kaila the Swift prepares for her final challenge in the Trials of Sisterhood. If she manages to steal a rare jewel from the camp of Boskan Tuskmen, her tribe's fearsome, inhuman enemies, she'll become a legend among her people and attain the title of Sister. But trouble befalls Kaila when sneaks into the hut of the slumbering Chieftain to steal the gem.
Curiosity overcomes her caution as she seeks to find out if the rumors are true about what Tuskan males are packing under their unwashed loincloths... Kaila is captured, put to a monstrous gang-bang, and given the fucking of her life by the boar-tusked Chieftain who seeks to punish the thief for her trespass.

Major Alana "Butch" Schultz leads her all-female Special Forces team on a mission to eliminate a hostile rebel camp deep in a Central American jungle. But when they're attacked by an unseen alien hunter with a humongous cock and a nose for human pussy, it will take everything they've got to survive. Will Butch and her crew survive the horny creature and make it out alive? Or will they succumb to the alien's traps and fall victim to a real sexual tyrannosaurus?

Gang-Bred by Carnival Freaks!
When Jenny Thompson breaks up with her pushy boyfriend in the middle of the closing Sadon Carnival's midway, she never imagined he would leave her stranded there. As the fairgrounds empty and darken, Jenny, desperate to find a ride home, wanders into the only attraction that still has its lights on... a strange circus tent. The strange carny barker inside informs Jenny it's closing time, but after looking the young woman over, he makes an exception. What follows will be the most insane and bizarrely incredible night of Jenny's sexual life.
All Titles are also available separately.

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