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The human being has always been anxious to know the meaning of life, to realize his true nature, to attain the ultimate possible fulfillment.

These scribblings may perhaps trigger a process that might finally culminate, in what the human heart has always longed for – peace and harmony. The least they will do is help develop insights beyond ordinary perceptions. They could even be read just for entertainment or can simply be flipped through...

Many have claimed that these mystical musings have in them an intrinsic ability to awaken dormant intuitive understanding. Profound yet pragmatic, they hammer away at our basic misconceptions rendering the psyche free of all erroneous concepts.

From the profane to the sacred, the mundane to the mysterious, the seemingly trivial to the most fundamental, get ready for an eclectic serving of cosmic titbits. For all you know, this little book could be the one, you may have been vehemently longing to read.

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ISBN: 9789382788553
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Scribblings - Mahesh Hangal

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Intellect tries to solve the problem

Wisdom knows there never was one.

Why contemplate the

movement of the river?

It will join the sea anyway.

When you sign the offer document of life

Don’t forget to read the fine print.

What is present, cannot say

that it is absent.


I have found that the process of seeking

God interferes with my experience of


It is I, that exists in all that exists.

Even when you go against the flow

You are still with the flow.

I have piled up the toys

But the child in me is dying.


When you enjoy the game

Does it matter whether you win or lose?

There are some fires you can’t run from.

It is impossible to be cheated

when you expect nothing in return.

Only when you are nothing

are you truly free.


All love for the destination has gone

What a wondrous tour guide I have had.

Birth is a happening… Death is a