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Quick Guide: Adam Bede

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“Adam Bede” was the first novel written by George Eliot. Actually, George Eliot is the pen name of Mary Ann Evans.

The book was first published in 1859. The first edition of the book was published pseudonymously, although Mary Ann Evans was already well published author and an extremely respected scholar of her time.

“Adam Bede” has never gone out of print ever since its first publication. The book is prescribed in the course of studies in various college and universities in the syllabus of English Literature for higher level students.

There is no denial that “Adam Bede” is one of the best examples of realism in English literature. The author has given an accurate presentation of the contemporary life as it was and did not invent plots of characters to make it subjective in any way so as to tell how the world ought to be.

Quick Guide: Adam Bede
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Characters
Chapter Three: Plot Overview
Chapter Four: Summary of the Novel
Chapter Five: Literary Significance
Chapter Six: Thematic Analysis

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