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Hell's Harlot: Demonic Initiation (Reluctant Monster Breeding)

16 pages10 minutes


When Sara the town slut is killed in a car accident, the amoral sex addict wakes up in Hell, surrounded by damned tormented souls and monstrous Demons. They lick their lips with forked tongues over the busty new arrival.

But not even the torturous flames of Hell itself can stop Sara's unquenchable lust. Impressed by her horniness, the dark Demigod Belial makes Sara an offer she can't refuse: If she can survive the challenge of his demonic Sex Gauntlet, she will escape the tortures of the damned...But, if she fails, her immortal-and immoral- soul shall burn for Eternity!

Can she survive the final BREEDING challenge and give birth to the Demon's hellish seed?

Hell's Harlot contains 1,000 damned souls, massive red demon cocks, a blasphemous 69, a torrential creampie, and more scenes of graphic sex acts involving the most freakish and unholy demons the Underworld has to offer.
For Mature Readers Only

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