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Hell's Harlot: Fucked at the Lake of Fire (Reluctant Monster Breeding)

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In Book II of the Demons' Sex Slave series, lost soul Sara leaves the shores of the River Styx behind and continues on her perilous sexually misadventure through Hell.

The mark of Belial, burned into her forehead by her first demon lover, may protect her from harm while she journeys through the Underworld, but it won't ward off the predatory lust of the demonic hordes, who plot to use her tender body for their own blasphemous purposes.

When Sara is cornered at the edge of the Lake of Fire, she must make a sexual bargain with a winged demigod that she won't soon forget - a soul-rending breeding session in a nest of blood and bone!

Hell's Harlot 2: Fucked at the Lake of Fire is for mature readers only and contains: rough sex, reluctant breeding, man-eating demons, cunnilingus from a devil, a sadistic golden shower, and one unholy impregnation!

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