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Growing in Age: Ageing in today’s society

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Growing in Age draws on Anne Millar’s years of working with older people through nursing, counselling and pastoral care.

It covers many aspects of ageing:
- Society and it’s attitudes
- The personal journey of ageing
- How relationships change: on retirement, when a spouse dies and when older people divorce and remarry
- Changes and challenges of loss and grief, depression, dementia and dying
- Caring for older people in their homes, in family and in residential care settings
- The contributions older people make in their community and their legacy for future generations.

Throughout, Anne emphasises positive ageing and challenges negative stereotypes.

Growing in Age will be valuable to people caring for older relatives and those working professionally with older people in social work and pastoral settings, and in hospitals and residential care. Older people will also find material to inspire and inform them on their own journeys of ageing.

For those wanting further information or help, a directory of ageing related New Zealand organisations to contact is provided.

About the Author

Trained as a nurse, Anne and physiotherapist husband Jim were involved in medical work in India with the Salvation Army. She then worked as a marriage guidance counsellor and nurse in Dunedin and Gisborne.

Moving to Christchurch in 1986, Anne was employed by Presbyterian Support, initially as manager of a residential home and then in establishing services for older people in the community. She then went on to work for them as a counsellor and group facilitator.

A mother and grandmother, Anne has two theological qualifications and is an ordained Methodist minister.

What others say...

Anne Millar is widely valued for her thoughtful approach to older people and those who care for them. This book gathers insights from her long experience and reflects on them in ways easy to consider. I warmly commend it as absorbing reading. As one ‘growing in age’ I learnt a lot.
Dame Phyllis Guthardt, Chancellor
University of Canterbury, NZ

Also in eBook format by Anne Millar, Growing in Age and Wisdom

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