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The Irishman&Other Stories

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Tantalizing stories of people and family, of the lives, loves and tragedies of these Irish and Scots in America, and of their sons and grandchildren.

"The Irishman," a tale of a man with a youthful secret left behind in the auld sod of Ireland, and of his son who discovers the truth of it . "My Father's Son," a different take on the theme, tells of a boy who finds himself growing into the man who was his difficult father. "Of Dreams," the story of James Kelly and of Nikki, the lost love of his life, and of the tragedy that reawakens that love. "The Wall" is a meditative journey by a Vietnam veteran and his grandson to the memorial Wall in D.C. "The Western Girl," a tale told by an Army private of his fling with an Army nurse during the Vietnam War. "Montana," the voyage of a dying old Scots woman and her son to a newly discovered dream, a Montana of her imaginings. "Being Finn," a telling of an alcoholic young wastrel and the exotic new woman in his life.

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