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Active World Explorers: The Ultimate Family Adventure Book One

85 pages53 minutes


Who lives on the volcano on Santorini and serves Greek coffee to tourists? What does pizza have to do with Aloe Vera? Where in Europe can you find an entrance to a magic forest with fighting knights and secret burrows? And where can you smell the biggest stinky poop in the world?

You will find out the answers to these and many more questions in this collection of most popular articles from the famous Travel & Learn with Kids’n’Go series. The book is written in a form of easy-to-read short entries depicting the adventures of a travelling home schooling family, and offers hours of fun for you and your children.
This book will help you figure out how to turn your family trip into a great developmental adventure with not so much effort and with no extra costs. Each entry will show you how to look for and explore educational moments while on the go and how to stretch the potentially educational content of each journey to the maximum.
Remember - you don’t need to be a teacher to give your kids a valuable input!

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