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Handling Hannah, Story 3 (Spanking Stories from the Law Office of Campbell, Blackstone & Park)

27 pages23 minutes


Third story in the series.

Hannah Ferrier's previous trip to Vegas cost her $100,000 and a trip over the knee of her attorney, Stephen Blackstone, for an old-fashioned spanking. She obviously didn't learn her lesson, as she has gone back to Vegas and lost $250,000 more after being swindled by a good-looking con artist. Miles Delacroix, Hannah's CPA, has had enough; he flies to Vegas to straighten things out and bring Hannah back home. While waiting for him to arrive, Hannah thinks about her past and a certain spanking her late husband, Richard, gave her, and the handsome Miles thinks he has Hannah figured out.

This 6,272 word story is the third in a series of spanking stories from the law office of Campbell, Blackstone & Park. This story contains depictions of a spanking with a belt, an over the knee spanking, and graphic sex.

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