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The Case of the Missing Velvet Nudes

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The Second in the Series of ‘The Destin Blake Cody Story’. Destin Blake Cody, known to his adoring fans as Blake, is becoming the hottest show on the Vegas Stip. Blake, with the help of his ‘manager’ Stevie, has found his niche in reviving the old Rat Pack songs. The Kublai Khan Kasino, one of the top rated Casinos on the Strip, has booked Blake for the foreseeable future and built a theater just for his show- The New Copa Room. Danny Endabai, a crew leader for a minor Mob, has commissioned paintings on velvet from a down in his luck Vegas artist, as a way for the Mob to transfer ill-gotten revenues across the Mexican border to the Cartel. While Danny is away, his number two not only picks up the wrong paintings from the artist but puts the artist in a coma. To celebrate Blake’s third year anniversary of staying sober and drug free, Stevie buys three paintings for Blake at ‘fire sale’ art auction of the artist’s remaining paintings. The artist’s niece, Cynthia, arrives to find her uncle in the hospital and the studio covered in police tape. She eventually finds her way to the buyer of her uncle’s painting.
What with ‘black swans’, the Twiddles, a gangland hit on Blake, the Khan’s Staff starting up a betting pool on ‘their’ Stevie and Cynthia’s first public kiss, and romance under the Nevada night sky, the question becomes how Blake, Stevie and Cynthia figure out the mysteries of the velvet paintings.

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