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Three Wishes of Destiny Book 2 Tempatations

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He suffered the intense sweats, the chills to the bones, the never ending feeling of wanting to vomit. The annoying and painful headache and the sensations to bright lights were torturous to him. Now here ten years later on a bus he experienced that night again, it was terrifying, and he wanted it to stop. Then the throbbing jagging aches searing through his muscles and bones, crashing vice grip yanking that were extricating.

He thought "His body was hit by a Mack truck and desired to end his life. Now he was feeling the same sensations. He thought "But how?” He heard an ominous voice whispered in his head; “Puny human do you want me to grant your desire and give you the fix you need to stop the shakes and carvings." Just let me use your negative energies and become mine vessel.

" I could release the most intoxicating chemicals into your mind and body." "You could be riding high, and there will be no crash this time.” He was chilled, and the cold in his bones hurt so bad he knew there was no other alternative.

He let a tear slipped from his eye, and nodded his head in acknowledgement of consent. He agreed to become darkness puppet. He was defeated, and gave his body and soul over to darkness just to have a teaspoon of the sweetest heroin in the world to stop the painful cravings.

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