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The Backwater Look

42 pages35 minutes


It’s 1925 and Charles and Rebecca are midway through their honeymoon tour of New England. Things haven’t been going all that well. The towns they visit are drab, depressing affairs, the weather utterly awful and their car is on the point of dying beneath them. So, when Hemming’s Bay looms up out of the darkness it comes as a welcome relief. A safe port in a storm.

Unfortunately for the two newlyweds, they didn’t count on the local residents and their dark, twisted secrets. Not to mention the things that lurk in the night and skulk out of the ocean depths to visit the world above.

Charles and Rebecca are certainly due to discover exactly what the backwater look really is.

This twisted short story novella contains dubious consent, monster sex, lesbian sex as well as oviposition, tentacles, themes of impregnation, corruption and loss of faith. A sticky little bundle of erotica all wrapped up in one package of over 9,000 words.

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