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Binary Bingo

43 pages35 minutes


A short Sci-Fi mystery...

A humorous, clever, fast-paced sci-fi mystery about Kindles, Numbers Stations, international espionage, and space travelers – and about a man who’s caught in the middle of all this.

Edvard Blazek never expected to see just a screen full of raw binary code the first time he switched on his new Kindle. Nor that his e-reader would link him to international skullduggery and pursuit by the police, CIA, FBI -- and even the DEA.
A hard-science fiction story told with a light touch, Binary Bingo unfolds the history of digital telecommunications and its links to past and present Cold War tensions. And to a little boy from Budapest – now a man with a 50-year old scar on his shoulder – who would play a central role in a 'close encounter of the Fifth Kind.'

If this doesn’t make you pause a finger over the ‘ON’ button of your Kindle, better start reading!

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