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Silver Chains: The Billionaire's Erotic Servant

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Sarah Livingston, a girl of small stature and even smaller world experience, decided to leave her country home in search of greater things. She finds herself enrolling as an erotic servant at the exquisite mansion of Dr. Bellagio, a man of almost limitless power and influence. Not everything goes according to plan as Sarah finds herself struggling to find acceptance in the house of Bellagio. She never planned on falling in love with the man she was employed to serve, but unbeknownst to her, the billionaire, Dr. Bellagio, may be harboring some secret feelings of his own. This 10,360 word story of BDSM exploration, sexual domination, love, and erotic mystery is intended only for mature adults! Find your place in Dr. Bellagio's mansion with Silver Chains: The Billionaire's Erotic Servant.


She watched as her master drew the riding crop from a basket on his gigantic, exquisite fireplace. Sarah was terrified; she knew that she had misbehaved. She’d been told there would be strict punishments for insolence. He approached her with the riding crop, holding it aloft in his hand.
“Kneel, bend yourself over, and pull down your panties,” he said.
Sarah could do nothing but comply. She knew that if she gave the slightest sign of resistance, the punishment would be even more severe. She leaned her head down toward the ground, placing her forehead against her master’s Oriental rug. Her hair hung down in her face, and her ass stuck up in the air like a ham that had been set out for a holiday dinner. Sarah reached with her dainty fingers, grabbed at the straps of her panties, and pulled them down to expose her bare backside to the room. A tense moment passed before she felt the riding crop rest against her ass gently.
“This, you will remember, the next time you consider disobeying me,” he said, riding crop held firmly in his hand.
Sarah held her breath, knowing that pain was to come. The riding crop lifted up from her ass, and shortly after she heard the whoosh of the crop slashing through the air. Her ass stung with pain as the crop struck her sharply in her right butt-cheek. Sarah gasped a wince of pain as the stinging sensation rattled her body. It felt like a colony of angered hornets had suddenly converged on her fleshy backside. She knew that one swipe would not be enough to satisfy her master as punishment for her disobedience. He pulled the crop back again before taking another swipe at her firm and tender ass.
SMACK! The pain of the strike made Sarah’s legs quiver. She bit her lower lip as the sharp pain ravaged her soft and feminine body.
“You must not disobey me, Sarah, if you wish to remain in my employ,” he said.

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