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The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Lawyers

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As recently as 10–15 years ago, law firms rarely looked at advertising and marketing seriously. Clients usually came through referrals and personal networking.

Times have changed. With enormous competition in the market, law firms are finding it necessary to invest in advertising and marketing to promote awareness about their services. While the basic principles of advertising and marketing management remain the same, certain modifications may be needed to create strategies that will specifically benefit law firms.

What I have attempted to do in these pages is to present some things that have been tested and proven to work. Rather than go into detail, I have put together those tips that have been successful. Put them to use in your own ventures and you will find that they simplify your marketing efforts and put you on a faster path to success. That is why I have called this book The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Lawyers.

I continue to learn every day, and I hope you will too. If I have missed something or you know something that works better, please let me know. I will be grateful.
After all, marketing is a constantly developing discipline.

Ali Asadi
Business Success Expert

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