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Connected to the Vine: A Reflective Guide to the Fruit of the Spirit

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Fruit is a common metaphor found in the Bible. It most cases, the imagery refers to the virtuous actions of those who follow Jesus. This is why Jesus says, “By their fruit you will recognize them.” Picking up on this metaphor, the Apostle Paul lists nine of these qualities in his letter to the Galatians that have come to be known as the Fruit of the Spirit. Few would argue that these nine qualities on this list are good and noble qualities to embody. But how are they manifested in the way we live? Are these pieces of fruit qualities that we can nurture within ourselves or are they simply qualities that God forms within us? After all, they are the fruit of God’s Spirit.

Connected to the Vine is a brief reflective study of the Fruit of the Spirit. Each piece of fruit is examined for its biblical meaning, before applying it to modern life. These qualities were meant to be put into action, and not only something felt within. Each one also includes a couple of reflective questions to contemplate the presence of these qualities in the life of the reader. There is also a section on how to utilize this guide for personal reflection or group study. When periodically revisited, this guide can be a challenging tool to help cultivate these virtues and assist the reader to stay vitally connected to God.

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