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"Somethin Old, Somethin New, Somethin Borrowed, Somethin Blue"

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"Somethin Old, Somethin New, Somethin Borrowed, Somethin Blue" is an uncommon story of uncommon love. It's a story of in for a penny in a for a pound, dancin' with the one that brought you to the dance and riding for the brand you ride for.

The old life of Jed Ames, a Wyoming cowhand, unexpectedly changes completely in minutes abruptly thrusting him into a new life. Born and raised in the wide open, Jed has the wide open spaces pumping through his heart. He ends up penniless in New York City far from Wyoming and takes another man's place that he's not using along with its ups and downs.

The cowboy is a dying breed. Oh, sure, there are all kinds of stool riding cowboys who wear the cowboy garb but few who wear the brand they ride for anymore.

Jed Ames, a type of "country mouse" who ends up in "city mouse" territory, survives and thrives in a different world while keeping his "country mouse" identity.

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