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A Second Awakening: When Flora met Diamante. Part 2 in the series 'In Too Deep'

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Flora heads for Mexico with a gorgeous man who came to clean her pool and left her breathless, exhausted and with just a lingering guilty thought for her loyal husband. Now she embarks on an erotic adventure that tests the limits of her sexuality. First, she must walk through the lobby of her posh hotel dressed in an skimpy outfit - chosen by Jason - that is barely more than underwear. Next, he introduces her to Diamante, a truly beautiful black woman in a shimmering blue dress. He seems to want a threesome, but the two women - increasingly drawn towards each other - have other ideas! With Jason locked out on the balcony, Diamante tells Flora the sexy story of how Jason once tried to seduce her in the college library. And all the time, listening to this account, Flora finds herself falling further and further under the spell of the sleepy-eyed beauty who is playing with her clothes and seducing her with her lilting voice and knowing fingers. Soon Flora is more turned on than she could ever have imagined. As Diamante's fingers become ever bolder, Flora, once more, is in too deep...

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