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Bestiary 2: The Monster Breeding Collection Vol. 2

52 pages35 minutes


Yet another amazing Monster Sex Collection for one great price!

This breeding bundle contains the following short stories:

Taken by the Tuskmen!
Fair-bodied Nelani lives in a village on the outskirts of the Thoanian territories. Her peaceful little tribe has lived under an uneasy truce with the Tuskmen of Borska, a fearsome race of miners and warriors.
But when the truce is shattered by a lightning raid on Nelani's village, she and the rest of the females are taken as BREEDING PROSPECTS for Kor'tol, the Borskan Chief.

Taken deep under the mountains, Nelani and her Sisters are subjected to the sexual appetites of their beastly abductors and their monstrous organs.

If Nelani can survive the nightmarish ordeal of the Borskan breeding trials, she'll be taken as a wife and want for nothing. But will she lose her humanity in the process?

Hell's Harlot: Demonic Initiation
When Sara the town slut is killed in a car accident, the amoral sex addict wakes up in Hell, surrounded by damned tormented souls and monstrous Demons. They lick their lips with forked tongues over the busty new arrival.

But not even the torturous flames of Hell itself can stop Sara's unquenchable lust. Impressed by her horniness, the dark Demigod Belial makes Sara an offer she can't refuse: If she can survive the challenge of his demonic Sex Gauntlet, she will escape the tortures of the damned...But, if she fails, her immortal-and immoral- soul shall burn for Eternity!

Can she survive the final BREEDING challenge and give birth to the Demon's hellish seed?

Bredator 2
The intergalactic sexual predator comes to the concrete jungle in this explosive new entry in the Bredator Series of Action Erotica!

All Lieutenant Michelle Harrison wanted to do on her day off was to get laid. So the foul-mouthed LAPD veteran is understandably pissed when her daily sex session with boy-toy Mark is interrupted by a deadly Colombian cartel shootout, and an invisible Fuck Freak who leaves a pile of bodies (and gallons of green semen) in its wake.
She's also ordered to take on a new partner and make sure the handsome rookie is packing the right standard equipment. Luckily for the sex-hungry Harrison, her way of 'breaking in a partner' involves an empty office and plenty of "hands-on" instruction!

To make matters worse, the the tough-as-nails Harrison becomes a BREEDING TROPHY target for the monstrously-hung, invisible Hunter! It'll take everything in the fearless cop's arsenal -- and in between her legs -- to take the monster down.

Titles are also available separately.

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