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The Return of Ferion: The Forgotten Kingdom

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Tark, an elder and prime leader of the race known as the Wildmen, writes a six part long Historia about the old world of Ardia and how the new world was created. The Forgotten Kingdom is his first part and it concentrates on the Second Sanguinary War and the reversion of the Time of Darkness. It is centered on Ardia’s most difficult time, the time known briefly as Unity and later Time of Darkness, where a war ignited between the future and the past of the Known World and in which the victor will either save it or destroy it. His six parts of the Historia are mostly about the forgotten past and the hero and champion called Sevior Namal.

He was a young Warrior from the Eastern Kingdom, who later discovers he is one of the last descendants of an en-slaved race known as the Von'deer. He is banished by his King as a traitor and has to go rogue to set out on a quest with his two friends--Raleen and Madrick--to try and stop Lord Ferion from resurrecting the Forgotten Kingdom and revert the Time of Darkness. His journey to recollect the lost pieces of the artifact called the Tablet of Life and Death takes him across the legendary eastern regions, then over the mid-lands and the NEB Mountain Range; and finally to the northern regions where the Cave of Mimerphon laid.

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