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Seduced by a Stranger (Exhibitionist Erotica, Public Sex Erotica, Voyeurism Erotica)

12 pages9 minutes


Warning: This 2,550+ word erotic short contains graphic scenes of a sexual nature, including a steamy sexual encounter between two strangers on a subway.18+ only! Lots of juicy scenes from a first person perspective that is sure to keep you glued to your screen!


I'm on the subway when I see him. A handsome, masculine man I immediately feel drawn to.

The seat beside him is empty, and hes preoccupied with the newspaper in his hands.

He's professional, put together, and there is a faded band on his ring finger, which signals the absence of a wedding ring he once wore proudly.

I'm intrigued. I sit beside him, unprepared for the string of events that will quickly follow...

I don't usually go around seducing handsome men on the subway, but why does he have to be so damn allusive?

I dont even know his name, but before I can blink, hes knuckles deep inside of me, and there's no looking back.

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