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First Times: Book One

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Do you remember your first time? Would you like to relive that wonderful time? Here are four new stories of how we discover the ecstasy of sex, the thrill of that first joining of our body with another. Our first story, A College Tale, tells of a college couple’s first sex, then their first threesome as she has her boyfriend initiate her younger sister into life’s pleasures as well. What fun.

Next, in Tutoring Robbie, we have a story of young man’s shyness and how he’s brought into the world of sensual pleasure by an older woman. Third, Boning Up On My Reading, tells of the role the book, The Kama Sutra, played in the coming together of a young man and woman in a way that will both delight and arouse you.

Finally, A Bit Of An Unusual First Time, describes what can happen to a young man when he peeks over the fence to ogle his next door neighbor sunning herself. He sure got lucky. Join them as they have some fun.

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