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Autobiography of an Unknown Man

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Autobiography of an Unknown Man traces one man's (Chris Bruce's) life from his birth, childhood in England and Namibia, teenage years at boarding school, years at the Universities of the Witwatersrand and Cape Town, his early successes as an employee and entrepreneur, his family life and two disastrous marriages, the success of his company, Hochland Construction, created and developed in central and northern Namibia during the South West African Border War between the forces of South Africa and Angola, the expansion of the company into South Africa and its collapse after President P.W. Botha's 1985 "Rubicon" speech which triggered the international banking sanctions that nearly brought South Africa to its knees and led to the demise of numerous South African companies. The company's takeover by IGI Ltd., and IGI's decision to abandon the construction industry in 1990 and Chris's decision to leave South Africa for Hong Kong in search of a new beginning. The book traces his life working in the Far East, South East Asia and the Middle East and culminates in his retirement to Hua Hin in Thailand. An unusual feature of this autobiography is that it correlates the author's life with world and South African/Namibian events from Chris's birth in 1941 to his retirement in 2012.

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