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Trillion Dollar Eden

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Set in the year 2047, this literary intrigue is strongly themed around overpopulation and environmental degradation. The government offers the Near Death Experience (NDE) as part of the health system, to encourage voluntary euthanasia among the old and sick. Women must get a permit to bear a child, based on someone else’s death. The United Nations has established quotas for the number of people sustainable by each nation. Some countries, particularly those in Africa, consistently violate their quota allotments. The continent is an ecological disaster. Wildlife has been decimated and mass starvation is only avoided through United Nations food shipments. A trillionaire playboy, Barry Morgan, decides to set up a foundation to create a “New Eden” in Africa, which will redeem his decadent behaviors, but first he must find a way to get rid of the excess population which is blocking the environmental restoration he envisions. He invites a reporter and two young women to the Bohemian Grove in California, where the Lycurgeans are meeting to find ways to stabilize the population. When the reporter gets wind of
Morgan’s real plans, he is about to reveal all. However, the playboy forestalls him and teaches him a lesson in his Museum of the Inquisition. The reporter understands that he must promote Morgan’s foundation, not smear it. In the end, the foundation begins to carry out its laudable but unsavory task.

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