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Ballade Fantastique: A Journey with D'Elle to the Secret Pyramid

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The poet is disappointed with his life gone astray on the Southern tip of Africa. He meets lovely, golden girl D'Elle, he falls in love with, playing virtual games in a painting competition. Their lives fuse into each other with their exchanges of their places and adventures of growing up. Their daring minds invent great games of challenging each other's toughness to make it through their self-laid out tests. Golden tomboy D'Elle, huntress of the woods blossoms into an attractive young woman the poet embraces and loves.They plan together the greatest trip of their lives sailing in a Pharaoh's reed barge to their virtual Island of Ra, where D'Elle resides as the powerful goddess, competing with her sister Re. The golden Angel that protects the sailing bard will certainly protect them too and finally join them together in their love. In a paradisiacal setting the poet enjoys the presence of the goddess, who had taken on the personality of D'Elle. A garment left for him behind will accompany him on his next stage of another trip. Dreams become reality, when the poet embarks on a real trip to Northern Africa to find treasure buried under the Nubian desert, a secret pyramid. A voyage of trials and joys, sharing with D'Elle the excitements and pain.

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