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Diana and the Peace Helmet

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Dr. Menlow Parks has experimented on the homeless and street people for years, perfecting his invention, the "God Helmet," which creates powerful virtual reality experiences with spiritual overtones. He operates out of a cheap store front, lacking a source of funding. Diana discovers him and decides there is a market for his invention, which she will devote to world peace in the process. She renames the invention the "Peace Helmet." However the media bigshots get wind of her invention and realize that not only could it earn them big bucks, but that Diana might actually steal the virtual reality market if they don't move fast. Diana stages a big party and unveiling of the helmet, giving demonstrations to one and all, to raise money. The syndicate infiltrates its agents, however, and tries to swindle her out of the machine. Fortunately, Diana outsmarts them, with the help of her colorful and ingenious friends.

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