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Paranormal Factor 8 Supernatural Witness

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Paranormal Factor is a series dealing with supernatural events. In Supernatural Witness, Paranormal Factor 8, three chilling experiences are retold from the perspective of the individuals who have experienced frightening supernatural events.

In this installment of Paranormal Factor, three accounts are retold.

#24: The Devil in Our Town: A town has a hidden history that people seldom discuss in polite conversation...

#25: A Presence in the Forest: Hunters encounter more than wildlife in the woods...

#26: The Lost Hitchhiker: A tragic specter haunts a lonely rest area...

Paranormal Factor was founded in 2007 with the goal to interview and record stories from those that have claimed to have had encounters with the supernatural. These experiences involve the witnessing of ghosts, frightful encounters with entities, and other strange happenings.
Although these testimonials are directly from the source, the names of the eye witnesses will not be divulged as these individuals are still trying to cope with their experience. Even though they wish to share their story to gain some understanding, they don’t wish to be directly identified. In the cases described in this edition, the location of the event may have been changed out of respect for area residents and businesses.

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