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Rooibos Tea

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Rooibos tea or red tea is all about this fantastic drink that can do so much for your health. Rooibos is packed with anti oxidants and other healthy plant substances. There are more antioxidants in it than any other tea. Rooibos contains no caffeine or tannins which means you can drink how much you like, when you like and even cook with it without having the problems associated with normal tea.

Rooibos tea is only grown in South Africa. It was used by the native people as a tonic to help with their health problems. Colonists soon realised how good it was and started to use it for themselves. It is now exported all over the world and you should be able to get it in your local super market.

If you can't tolerate much caffeine or don't like the bitter taste of normal tea then this could be for you. The antioxidants in it mean that it is a very healthy drink protecting your body against ageing and a number of diseases. Rooibos tastes great on its own and has a natural sweet taste. However, there are also many variations where Rooibis has been combined with flavourings such as vanilla to make tasty alternatives. Get the book and learn how Rooibos could help you and improve your life style.

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