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A Family Of No Consequence

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A Family of No Consequence is set in Romania during the war years. The youngest son of the Itzkavitz family sets out to avenge the rape of his sister at the hands of a fascist soldier. During the months that follow, Ethan thinks of nothing other than the disgrace of Irina. At liberation he learns that the rapist has escaped and found refuge in the French Foreign Legion. Ethan takes up the pursuit which spans three continents before he corners his prey in Indochina. Both Ethan and his adversary, Stanescu, are involved in a withering fire fight with the Vietminh. Ethan is severely wounded and saved by Stanescu. As he recovers, Ethan is faced with the dilemma of reconciling his planned assassination with the heroism of Stanescu. His time to make his decision is cut short when the French authorities seek to court martial him. His only hope of acquittal rests with Stanescu.

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