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KING OF ICE: Zorko & Zina - Poetic Lore

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The palace of the King of Ice is a magnificent magical world in midst of eternal ice. Every morning like magical clockwork the mighty towers thaw up in the sun and the waterdrops play their wonderful music, while the gold and silversmiths create works of art embellishing the Great Noro , honouring the name of the king and his Queen Nora.With newly finished robes and elaborately decorated thrones, the Royal couple receives its subjects and the jesters, poets and artists in audience.Zorko the bard is desperate and his song of love and passion with the sadness of his love's abduction by a mean King Hinod, touches the assembly, and moves the Queen's heart. Thunder and lightning hits the scenery and the mountain shakes, but the king has not given yet command to his Giants stone guards,astonished that the bard's song had such powers and he promises to help him.Queen Nora's tear turns into a diamond, a magical key in the rescue of Zina. Zorko falls into the hands of a violent gang and is beaten up, but saved by Ama, Queen of the Neverworld Amazons.Her potent drink helps him to find the portals of HELL unhindered. Hinod receives him in his charcoal castle and once more he has to sing for the release of Zina. The black dome shakes and the ghosts and condemned even fear. Hinod sets Zina free, on condition that both pass the arches of Neverworld, without Zorko looking behind him.Will he sustain his fears and doubts as the magic potion of Ama wears of? Will both pass the arches of Neverworld and will Zina be his again?

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