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When I first started writing the Green Planet series I wanted to create something that was completely new and exciting, so I created a world with unlimited potential. A foreign planet ruled by unique and weird plant creatures. A dark fantasy floral existence combined with a dash of humour to add a spark to the plot.
Then came the magic elements with the introduction of wizards, flower fairies and magical balls. The action is fast, witty and interesting with the addition of several poem spells and other clever magical concepts.
Most important of all, if you want teenagers and children to take an interest in your story you need to include a couple. Frank with his schoolboy fighting attitude and Philip with his scruffy ways are both roped in as the main characters that join the Green Planet mission.
It’s all in the storytelling, and storytelling is something that I feel I do best.
The Green Planet novel is the beginning of a series of exciting adventure stories designed for children as well as for adults to enjoy. So strap yourself up tightly, clutch the pages firmly, and enjoy the Green Planet ride.

Published: Anthony E. Southby on
ISBN: 9781301542192
List price: $9.99
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