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Danger, Kids! 1

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Two years before the Berlin Wall crashed down the greatest event in attempts to unify Europe was led by a little known school football team from Dublin. Unrecorded in accepted history, the boys of St. Matthews plundered their way from Ireland to Poland, and back, leaving no doubts in the minds of their hosts that the only way to defeat the Irish was through a strong, non-political union.

Team manager, History teacher and hopeless romantic Paul McQuillan, or Supermac, has failed to fulfill his footballing ambitions and is freshly dumped by his glamorous girlfriend. Aided by his assistant and Geography teacher Denis O'Halloran, he is tasked with controlling 13 hormonally charged teens who give new meaning to the term young offenders.

Stepping bravely into the Irish malestorm is the attractive and mysterious Clara Witter, their translator and tour guide, and all round good East German Communist. While all in the group fall to her feet, only Paul tries to remain detached. Clara finds it even easier to stand apart. But with 2 weeks to travel and constant contact to come, will the Iron Curtain fall before they return to the West.

Based on a combination of real events from the period and after, Danger, Kids 1 proves why Ireland has become central to all European and World policy, Ireland and the Irish have to be contained! The battle to confine them starts here!

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