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30 Recipes with Penne Pasta

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30 Recipes with Penne Pasta gives you great pasta recipes that you can use over and over again. Penne pasta is a popular pasta shape because it readily takes up and clings to any pasta sauce added to it. It is also compact, easy to store and easy to cook. Most people will have some penne pasta hiding in their kitchen and it can be used to make a quick and tasty meal whenever you need one.

Penne pasta is very versatile. It can be used like spaghetti with a sauce added to it, it can be used to make a pasta bake or it can be used to make pasta salads. Whichever kind of pasta that you prefer you will find suitable recipes in this book. Simply cook up the penne pasta and then add to it an interesting sauce given in the book. With this book you won't be stuck to making just one worn out pasta dish. Add some excitement to pasta night and try out the tasty sauces that are detailed. You don't even have to use penne pasta. You can use other pasta shapes just as easily with these sauces so for variation try them with tagliatelle, fettuccine or farfalle.

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