Death Sting

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Death Sting

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death is an important subject. whether you are wealthy poor or somewhere in between. i urge you not to be morbid over death, but to respect the fact that at some point you like me will be gone. the world is a stage and everyone of us has a part to play. however current thinking in contemporary capitalist societies discourages us to dwell on our own death. in part i go along with that as after all it is important to get on with the blueprint that is the life mapped out for each of us and to stay focussed.
all i am attempting to achieve by writing these verses is to share with you my take on death in all its guises. for you to develop qualities of courage, steadfastness,and the desire not to be afraid of where that takes you. let death make you become stronger and appreciate your life more. all the verses cover stuff you can relate to and yes it is important to explore the dark underbelly of our natures. we cannot escape such distressing issues as death by human cruelty and selfishness for an understanding of how powerful an emotion that is. you will relate to how these dangerous emotions if unchecked are played out when you read wife beater, and child cruelty. the devastating loss of a child which stays with you forever is portayed in child tragedy. death as a pitiless sense of despair and domination by one powerful group over a weaker other is seen for what it is in circus maximus, when the christians as a minor sect in ancient rome were sacrificed by successive waves of emperors on the alter of political convenience to deflect attention from their own inadequacies.
So it goes on and on, even to the stage where in my poem betrayal i explore the sense of cruel abandonment by life itself. either way i want you to take something away as a sense of reassurance that death itself has a place in our youth obsessed culture and to feel stronger for it.
if you like my free e-book soul on fire please do buy either death sting or shared experiences. this shows a commitment to what i stand for as a poet of conscience. i will leave that up to you the reader.

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