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Not So Super

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Every school has its problems; some just have a little more than others.

Phoenix Academy High School only caters to one type of student – potential superheroes that need a little extra help. While other superhero schools might expect perfection, Phoenix Academy knows better. Whether it’s the inability to go completely invisible, trouble getting animal sidekicks to listen, or just a lack of consistency or longevity, Phoenix Academy can help any student to reach their full potential.

Dean thought everything was fine, until he got that blue envelope in the mail. Sure, he might not be the best at school, but was he really the worst? According to the letter, he was. He’d been recommended for a transfer to infamous Phoenix Academy for his final year of high school. Now, if he wants to have any chance at superhero certification, he’s going to have to overcome his fear of heights long enough to actually fly more than a few feet off the ground. If he can’t, his superhero career is over before it even gets started. But with accidental force-fields blocking his way, lights flickering on and off at all hours, and a student who can look like anybody, Dean hopes he’s up for the challenge.

In taking a lighthearted look at the ways superpowers can go wrong, Not So Super is a welcome addition to a genre that typically ignores what it really takes to be a hero. In a genre that typically focuses on being the best of the best, finally comes a story about what it takes to get there.

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