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An erotic poem about the love between a woman and her magical rabbit friend. During a frolic through the plains, the two embrace and unlock their secret forms. They become horny anthropomorphic beings who ride the line between human and animal, destined to mate and start a litter of their own.

Also included in this free eBook is an excerpt from “A Demon For A Devil,” one of my short stories. “Demon” looks into the mind of a horny male virgin who can't stop discussing his perverse fascinations with the female form. Is it autobiographical? Find out in the full story! -


quickly but methodically
you remove your dress and i my coat
shunning them to the wind
so that our naked flesh
aching, struggling, wanting,
can finally unite;
you curl your body over me and we become one being,
one creature with two hearts, copious sweat,
and bottomless lust.

my tiny red tongue gently laps at your pink star
to taste your flowing nectar
but as your legs stretch and i fall deeper,
i, your fire’s kindling, now wants to defy its size,
to meet face-to-face the nipples i watch you tugging
and the mouth making those moans.

buried, i begin to sprout from your fertile fleshy soil
and you recline;
my paws reaching to playfully tease your breasts
as my body, like a tent of flesh,
stretches over you,
the ends of my ears sliding lazily along your curves.

over your trembling body,
my tongue glides hungrily around one hard nipple,
then the other,
until finally my face meets yours and our mouths fuse,
our tongues embrace and though my whiskers still tickle,
we taste us
with a hint of carrot.

now that my shape complements yours,
that i can feel all of you,
i will return the favor.


Published: S.W. McAllister on
ISBN: 9781301953035
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