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Recipes for Waffles

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Recipes for Waffles gives tasty recipes for waffles from Belgium and USA. Belgium is famous for its sweet waffles and they are a joy to make. All of the equipment needed is explained together with how to put the waffles together. Savory waffles are a fantastic slant on waffle making. Savory waffles can be made instead of sandwiches and can therefore make a welcome change for meals and snacks.

Belgian waffles conjures up images of waffles loaded with fruit, cream and chocolate. They are to die for, and this book explains how you can easily make them at home. Different waffle irons are described together with how to make various waffle mixtures characteristic of regions in Belgium and America.

Savory waffles are a great idea. You can put just about any savory item on a waffle from meats, cheeses to tomatoes and olives. Instead of making sandwiches or wraps why not produce crispy savory waffles instead. Lots of recipe ideas are provided so that you can experiment and produce some exciting tasty savory waffles.

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