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Angol-Magyar, Tarsalgasi Temak, angol anyanyelvuektol, Alapfoku Szint (English-Hungarian, Conversational Topics, Pre-Intermediate Level)

241 pages2 hours


The book is designed to teach pre-intermediate students to speak English. The volume contains pre-intermediate level grammar, special fluency practice training and fifty conversational topics. All the texts are accompanied by the Hungarian translation. This collection of stories on fifty topics will help foreign students of English go through the most vulnerable period of learning – pre-intermediate level. At this stage students do not see their progress clearly enough and often feel increasingly anxious and frustrated. All the fifty stories are accounts of Julia’s everyday life. Being a real person Julia tells her stories in a very natural way revealing her own style and manner, repeating the same grammatical structures and word combinations. As a result, students easily remember the stories, speaking more and more fluently. Fluency practice drills that accompany each topic accelerate the transition from pre-intermediate into intermediate level. The stories are told in simple, everyday colloquial style, and for easy reference the Hungarian text is printed alongside. Audiobook version of the volume (English, Conversational Topics, Pre-Intermediate Level) is available on Audible.

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