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51 Alternatives to a Real Job

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A few years ago, I met some professionals who were frustrated in their job search and had the skills to command hundreds or thousands of dollars. They were wallowing in a tough job search while they could have been consulting or using their skills to make much more per hour than an employer would have paid them. It was then that the idea for this book was born. This book helps you fight discrimination. It helps you leave a horrible job search. It helps you gain control of your income. This book is all about Career Management 3.0. A recruiter told me that we all will be contractors soon. The days of the Full Time Employee will end. Dan Pink and other career futurists have predicted this for years. This is where Me, Inc. becomes your reality instead of just some cute jargon. What does all this mean for YOU? How can you prepare and position yourself? What can you do so that one person or one committee cannot take away 100% of your income ever again? This book shares 51 alternatives to a real, traditional job.

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