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The disgruntled demons, derogatorily called the Curables in Hades, have come to their wits’ end about what they perceive as the devil’s silent diplomacy about their own challenges. As victims of medical remedies and ever-growing scientific aptitude on earth, they feel insecure about their future in the evil kingdom. This is a couple of years after the historical 2004 tsunami disaster that hit Thailand, the Far East and some parts of the African continent. An incident that Wahum; the chief antagonist against Satan, uses as a point of reference to launch his conspiracy theory.
Unfortunately for the devil, this conspiracy meeting happens around the time his deputy Death, in collusion with Hades’ Chief of Staff Eusebius, are also looking for an opportune moment to unseat him for a grudge they have been harboring against him for the past two thousand years.
Unbeknown to the devil, Death has been hatching a ploy to overthrow him and take leadership of the kingdom, because “believe it or not, after Jesus’ departure for Heaven Eusebius and I realized that Satan has lost the plot in taking our kingdom forward. You’ll remember the infamous infant Jesus killing debacle that culminated in a series of embarrassing incidents to our kingdom when he finally started his salvation mission as an adult...Brothers, as you all know that according to the fantasies of Jesus Christ I will be the last demon to be put down, this tells you that I’m Heaven’s number one enemy, thus a perfect candidate who by the sleight of the devil’s hand, was robbed of a privilege to take over the leadership of this kingdom from the beginning.”
Therefore, when he hears about the grievances of the Curables, he seizes this opportunity to garner for more support. Little does he know that the devil has been keeping his silence on the situation of the Curables for a purpose, a very crucial purpose. Behind the scenes, he has been grooming a demon whose deadly human killing formula will keep scientists on earth awake with a big headache...an elusive cure. In the end, Wahum springs a surprise stunt that proves more deadlier than Death could imagine.

Published: Wesley E. King on
ISBN: 9781301754519
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