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30 Recipes for Mushrooms

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30 Recipes for Mushrooms shows you lots of exciting ways to cook with mushrooms. Recipes are provided for normal edible mushrooms as well as the larger Portobello and wild mushrooms. Mushrooms can be added as an ingredient to lots of different dishes as well as being happy as the main feature of the meal as well. Find out how you can use mushrooms in fantastic new ways to enhance your mealtimes.

Larger mushrooms such as the Portobello have a lot of flavor and are so thick and juicy that they can even be used as an alternative to meats such as steak or burgers. Learn how to stuff mushrooms with ingredients such as bacon, spinach and cheese. There are also many creamy and delicious soups that can be made using mushrooms as the main ingredient.

Mushrooms can be used as a substitute in many meat based dishes such as stroganoff, curry and casseroles. You can also combine mushrooms successfully with meats such as chicken and sea foods such as shrimps and prawns. Whether you are looking for vegetarian dishes or mushrooms as additions to meat dishes then this book will be ideal for you.

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