The Christian Church of America is under attack. The explosive tinderbox of hatred towards Christians by the immoral majority is beginning to ignite. And the persecution of the saints is the final prophecy that will substantiate the assumption that America is the Great Harlot of Revelation.
This 2013 Edition includes the complete Fourth Edition of "Come Out of Her My People", as well as "The Last Enemy of Christ: Paul's Chronology of Christ's Return".
"Persecution Begins" provides reasonable evidence that America will soon come under God's judgment. But first she must establish a reputation as the most anti-Christian nation in all of history. The media voices that have led the public to despise Christianity will continue to anger the ungodly citizens until they finally react in violence.
Every American Christian needs to be informed and prepared for the fiery trial ahead. There may still be time to escape before the Atheists gain complete control of the nation. This book is intense and straightforward; as should be expected from a book about persecution.
Excerpt 1: ["If the Great Tribulation were to begin during the present generation, the Great Harlot must exist today. It would take at least decades for a single nation to gain the reputations which are listed in Revelation:
1. Trading Capital - Chief Importer
2. Living in Luxury
3. Top Military Force
4. Unfaithful to God
5. Unknown when Revelation was Written
6. A Gathering Place for the Wicked
7. Spreading her filth throughout the world
The second reason why the Great Harlot must exist at the onset of the tribulation is the fact that the golden age of commerce described in Revelation Seventeen and Eighteen could not possibly develop within a century of the One-Third Trumpet Judgments. The destruction of one-third of the people, places, and things on the earth would be far more traumatic than the world wars or mini ice ages of times past. Chapters Eight and Nine of Revelation describe that greatest catastrophe since Noah's flood. So once again, we must either assume that Mystery Babylon:
•Exists before the beginning of Revelation, and is merely memorialized in chapters 14, 17, & 18. - Or else
•The Book of Revelation covers a period of hundreds, or even thousands of years.
If you believe in a literal interpretation of Revelation, you must choose one of these two options. Next; if you believe the prophecies of Revelation will be fulfilled in a seven year period, then you can only assume that the Great Harlot exists at the onset of Revelation; and, that she must first establish her reputation as a persecutor of the saints in order to fulfill all of the Revelation prophecies. Nothing in Scripture would indicate that persecution would be held back from the present generation."]
Excert 2: ["The real opposing forces in America are not the Democrats and the Republicans, the conservatives and the liberals, nor are they the elite and the ninety-nine percenters. The battle is between those who fear the Lord and those who do not. As we heard a few minutes ago, the founders of the nation sought to be independent from England, but were pleased to be dependent on God. Christians who have been delivered from sin rejoices in God’s law and view freedom as a blessing from God. The New America has been taken captive by sin and will endorse any government that promises them the right to keep sinning. As Jesus said “Whoever sins is a slave to sin”.
Christians stand amazed that anyone would be willing to give up their privacy - and their freedom - without resistance. The New America is willing to forsake every other freedom for the freedom to sin."]
Intellegent choices are based on knowledge. Brace yourself for a time of global persecution unparalleled in human history.

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