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Recipes for Hamburgers gives you 29 fantastic hamburger recipes starting with easy ones and going onto lots of fusion varieties that take the best of cuisines from the world over. This includes hamburgers with Brazilian, Chinese and Mexican influences. Learn how to make the original hamburger steaks and see how hamburgers can be used to make exciting casserole dishes. Make your own hamburgers now.

The Hamburg steak was the start of what we now call hamburgers or burgers. They originated in Germany, but were made famous in America. Since then the whole world has put its own mark onto the humble hamburger. Now you can make your own hamburgers at home. You can concentrate on quality and make them exactly how you want them from ingredients that you trust. Try the tasty world recipes from the book and you will never look at a fast food burger again. With these recipes you can make an exciting change to the hamburger experience and make eating hamburgers an original and interesting thing to do.

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Hamburger is the original name for what we also call a beef burger. The names are really interchangeable and you can use whichever name that you want to. Hamburger doesn’t relate to the fact that it might contain the meat called ham or pork. The name actually comes from the city of Hamburg in Germany. This was where the burger idea actually came from. In Hamburg they produced something known as the ‘Hamburg steak’ which was in fact salt beef. Later a lot of people left Germany for the USA and they took the idea of the Hamburg steak with them. The Hamburg steak became a popular food in the USA and was often then made from various grades of beef that were ground and mixed with seasonings. In the end this gave rise to the fast food Hamburger that we know today.

A lot of these fast food hamburgers have gained bad press in past years due to the quality of the ingredients used. In recent years, however, there has been a concentration on the quality, type and percentage of the meat used to produce them. Hamburgers or simply burgers that are produced at home have always used a high percentage of ground beef and have always been considered as a legitimate part of everyday meals. Obviously, if you make your own burgers quality of the ingredients that you use is uppermost in your mind. This is one more reason for making your own hamburgers rather than buying them in ready made.

Although hamburgers traditionally use ground beef there is a move these days to use what are termed healthier types of meat. This is driven by the warnings by health professionals that there is a need to cut down on the consumption of red meats. To this end, hamburgers can also be made from other healthier white meats such as ground chicken and turkey. Some adjustments have to be