Beep! Beyond the Frogpond and Back

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Beep! Beyond the Frogpond and Back

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We've all wondered what we would do if we could
live our lives over again, knowing what we know now. It's easy to imagine, but the actual result might be far different than we may think, or wish....
In 1972, Bob B. Pilhaus is a radical, 24-year-old surfer/hippie/intellectual, a cultural refugee, a lost soul, desperately searching for meaning and peace of mind. Stoned and alone on a train to Biarritz, looking for relief in some soothing, autumn waves on the Bay of Biscay, BP tries to ingratiate himself with a beautiful woman in the dining car--a French-Canadian, ex-fashion model named Esmeralda. There is far more to her than it appears, though, and Beep makes a bargain he lives to regret, never dreaming that time travel could be so easy, or that growing up again could be so tough....

Esmeralda is an enlightened, “evolved” human being, with the peculiar ability to sense and manipulate time as completely as others perceive and use the three spatial dimensions. When she meets Beep, on the train, he is at the end of his rope—stoned, self-centered, and nearly suicidal—on the run from the law, lurching towards the future, desperately searching for meaning, redemption, and peace of mind. On his request, Esmeralda sends him back in time to relive the last twelve years of his life, with his memory and knowledge intact. His fervent hope is that he can undo all his previous mistakes, but the reality is far different.

Beginning at the end, the story jumps backward to morph into a “coming of age” tale (with a karmic time-trap twist), as Beep lives his life over again, through the politically- and socially-charged decade of the 1960s, growing up in the Southern California surf culture.

Join him for an unforgettable trip through a shocking cosmic time-trap of his own making, which leads him on a surprising journey down a mysterious and twisting but familiar road, towards the ultimate answers he seeks to the Really Big Questions regarding truth, reality, and the nature of the universe.

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