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Recipes for Ground Turkey

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Recipes for Ground Turkey gives 30 tasty and interesting recipes for you to make using turkey meat instead of ground beef. People everywhere are trying to ditch the red meat in favor of healthier choices. Turkey is the obvious choice because it is the healthiest type of meat that you can eat. It has far less saturated fat than other meats. Eat ground turkey for a healthier lifestyle and heart.

Using ground turkey instead of ground beef isn't as easy as it seems because of the different way that ground turkey cooks. The recipes given here take this into consideration and the book also gives suggestions as to how you can make the change from red meats to white turkey meat more easily. The recipes also try to combine the ground turkey with other healthy options such as the use of olive oil instead of lard or butter. Get the book now and quickly you will be able to produce a range of meals that are good for you as well as tasting good.

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