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A Duffer's Observations and Short Stories

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Because I’ve played a miserable 10 holes, I hate golf. I’m on the Eleventh hole, a short par three. I hit the ball, and it’s going toward the pin. It’s a hole in one! I love golf. Those words sum up the love-hate relationship I have with the game of golf.
For some people there's a fascination about the game of golf, which can't be explained, especially, a duffer or mediocre golfer like me. Since my retirement over twenty years ago, I've played the game frequently. I suppose it's the feeling that tomorrow I'll do better.
In this book, I've addressed several views, comments and observations as how I, a duffer, view the game. There are the insane moments and the lucky shots. Why would a person even take the time to watch a golf tournament on TV? Comments about my feelings about practice and use of the driving range before a game. Then there's a comparison of golf versus bowling and which game is the more difficult. I describe a round of golf with a friend and a recent female high-school graduate and her impressive game. Finally, there's a short piece about golfing in the nude--something that I definitely don't recommend.
The eleven short stories with a golf theme are about diverse characters. There's a short story about some birds, sparrows, with their views while they view a game. Another story is about a bad golfer and his meeting with a leprechaun, who turns this golfer's game around. This same leprechaun also appears in another story about a pro golfer, Charlie, who has had an incredible streak of bad luck. Then there's the story of a golfer who's killed on a golf course and the curse, which is associated with this particular golf course. At one time there was a rising star on the pro circuit until misfortune struck him, and he became a monk. Another golfer didn't take up the game of golf until he retired; he eventually developed into a long ball participant and entered a long ball tournament. Then there's the little Hispanic girl, Rita, and her story as told by her gay brother, and how she became an excellent golfer and participated in pro tournaments. However, Rita is out shadowed by a fellow high school mate who is even more talented. Finally, there are two futuristic stories about golf in the future.
In the end, I've come to the conclusion to remind myself that golf is just a game, and that life goes on whether I play the game good or bad.

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