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Composition in Photography

Composition in Photography

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Composition in Photography

3.5/5 (8 ratings)
58 pages
35 minutes
Aug 2, 2013


Composition can make or break a photograph. Regardless of your skill level, Composition in Photography will introduce to you some of the strongest composition tools in photography. Written with the hobbyist and amateur in mind, Composition in Photography explains concepts in simple terms that everyone can understand.

Aug 2, 2013

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Composition in Photography - Liz Masoner

Composition in Photography

Liz Masoner

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Liz Masoner

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There are enough photography books out there to fill several libraries. So which ones are right? Chances are that most of them have accurate information as well but the trick is finding the photography book that makes sense to you. Each of us process information in a different way. My hope is that this book will reach the vast majority of you so that photography composition is no longer a mystery but a powerful tool for you to use make your photography special. In this volume we’ll cover some of the strongest composition tools in ways that make them easy to use.


Rule of Thirds Zone and Grid

Golden Ratio

Point of View

Natural Framing

Leading Lines


Horizontal or Vertical

Depth of Field

Viewer Expectations

Color as Composition

Lighting as Composition


Chapter 1 The Rule of Thirds

The first composition tool we’ll discuss is the Rule of Thirds. I want to cover this first because it is most likely the rule you have heard the most about and most likely STILL do not use it because it sounded complicated. It really isn't as difficult to use as it sounds though so relax and follow along as I show you how easy and powerful the Rule of Thirds can be when used correctly.

The Rule of Thirds is based off the idea that there is a nearly universal way that people view a scene. The Rule of Thirds gives photographers guidelines to make good use of these hot spots for visual interest to add more impact to your photos.

There are two different techniques lumped under the term Rule of Thirds. One uses a grid and one uses a wider set of zones in the frame. If you've studied the Rule of Thirds before and are still confused, it is likely that different people told you that either the grid method or the zone method were the ONLY way to use the Rule of Thirds. This is a continuing conflict in

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  • (3/5)
    Good basic tips on composition.
    It is worth it a flight or a Saturday coffee morning.