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Over and Out

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The only thing Michael could do was to switch his cell phone with Kate’s. He had the opportunity and he took it without hesitating. He would face the consequences later. When he looked at Kate he knew he had to do something fast. It was far too loud to even start a conversation. He was mesmerized as he watched her. She smiled as she walked out of the pub. When Michael got his first call he knew he had done the right thing. Life suddenly changed. The adrenalin charged through his body. The whole family sat listening to the goings on. They sat with abated breath as they listened to the telephone call. It was so exciting being involved in her life. But the phone still had to be switched. Kate’s family made sure that it did happen. They had to approve of Michael first. It didn’t take too long and Michael was exposed to their kind of life on the ranch. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though. Michael had a little soul searching to do. Kate had opened up his world. To her detriment?

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