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Grimm's Love

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Retired Border Warden Eldwen Grimm lives a quiet life, alone with his regrets. He has spent a long career in service to Sacreth and the Order of Mages that rules it, but his own life has been a story of personal disaster. First he lost his consort, assassinated by Sokhali war mages during the Danalb Incursion. Then his daughter vanished without trace in the final running of the Labyrinth competition at the University of Sacreth. Grimm has put up his sword, but his retirement is interrupted when a student mage comes to him with a wild theory and a dangerous hope. Grimm must confront the magic he has long feared on a desperate rescue mission into the Labyrinth. What’s at stake, he learns, is more than just one life.

“Grimm’s Love” is the final novel in a trilogy about the life and times of Eldwen Grimm, Border Warden of Sacreth. The book is also part of the “Mages of Sacreth” series, which includes the novella “The Labyrinth,” and the novel “Of Spells and Demons.”

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