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Celestial Girl

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The tiny Celestial spirit, moved downward through the wonderfully bright blue night sky that was lit up by an array of bright stars. It had a planned destination. Memories of this moment were supposed to be erased, but as it happened-they were not. The spirit entered the womb of Jane, taking over the tiny female child, about to begin the unexpected birthing process. Annie‘s life began as a tiny spec in her mother’s womb, which was initially diagnosed as a cyst, and which grew, and kept on growing despite many different medicines the doctor prescribed. When she finally emerged as a full term beautiful but tiny baby girl,her parents and 8 siblings were shocked and amazed.
The memory of falling through the stars, registered in the child’s brain, but only re-appeared many years later in the form of a vivid dream. It remained a mystery of life, never to be explained, until she was told as a grown up, by a Fortune Teller that she was in fact a Celestial Being, and it was very difficult , under the circumstances to read her fortune. The fortuneteller told her that she had a gift of special powers, which she used unknowingly to heal her sicknesses, and could, if she so wished use will power on others, but learned throughout the years never to take that chance. Jane died when Annie was three years old, from Gallstones, which they believed were the result of the numerous medicines she had possibly consumed. Annie had to be, looked after from then onwards by each sister in turn, until the beginning of World War 2, when she was, evacuated.

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